What are the options in the “Wallet” section of BEX Staking Wallet?

The wallet displays basic BEX balances where users can deposit and withdraw BEX. In the wallet section user can view:-  

  • BEX Balance: BEX balance is a combined balance of the total holding of BEX in the user’s wallet. It combines the Blocked and Available Balance.

  • Blocked balance: When a user deposits BEX, it will be added to the BEX wallet, however, this deposit will be blocked for 7 payout cycles. Nevertheless, the user will still receive the daily payout for the Blocked BEX.

  • Available balance: Available balance is the balance which a user can withdraw.

  • Current Price: The current price of BEX is the same as TUSD in the Exchange.

  • Deposit BEX: Users can deposit BEX by sharing their Wallet Addresses using the applications available on their mobile devices or can also prefer to directly present the QR code to the sender and have them ‘scan’ the QR code with their device.

  • Withdraw Bex: User can update the BEX withdrawal Address of the sender or can also scan the QR code of the sender to initiate any BEX withdrawal.

  • Transaction: Users can view the list of transactions made in Deposits and Withdrawals of BEX. Users also have an option to filter their view as per choice.

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