How does the Calculator work?

Investment Recovery Calculator helps to calculate the return on investment on the number of BEX they hold and wish to purchase.

How it works :

  • BEX Holding : Enter the number of BEX tokens you hold or wish to purchase

  • BEX Price : Current price of BEX will be reflected automatically, however you can enter any price to view the projected outcome of the investment on that particular price.

  • Amount Invested : Once you have entered BEX Holding & BEX price, the amount invested in USD will be reflected.

  • Average Payout Per Token (USD) : Current average payout per token in USD will be reflected,  however you can enter any payout per token to view projected outcome of their investment on that amount.

  • Daily Payout (USD) : Daily payouts on your BEX holdings is reflected.

  • Time to recover (Days) : Time to recover your investment is reflected.


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