What are the options in the “Staking” section of BEX Staking Wallet?

Staking displays daily payouts received in TUSD and the options to withdraw are as follows:-  

  • BEX Staked : Users can view their BEX balance on which their payout will be received.

  • Next Payout in : Payouts are given once in every 24 hours. Users have the option to view the next payout time.

  • TUSD Balance : Once the user's payout is calculated, it will be reflected in the users BEX staking wallet in the form of TUSD.

  • Withdraw TUSD Earnings : User can update TUSD withdrawal Wallet Address of the sender or can scan the QR code of the sender to initiate any TUSD withdrawal.

  • Lifetime Earned : Users can view their overall earnings till date in TUSD payouts. These earnings are received as payouts generated by the exchange.

  • Withdrawn : Users can view their lifetime withdrawals done for TUSD payouts.

  • TUSD Transactions : User can view the transaction list for TUSD payouts of lifetime and withdrawal.


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