How to Withdraw BEX?
  • Click on the 'Withdraw' button under the Wallet Tab.

  • Scan the QR code from the device you want to make the transaction.

  • You can also copy the BEX wallet address and paste it in the wallet address field.

  • Enter the amount of BEX you wish to withdraw.

  • Click on the Withdraw button.


  • Any new deposit made into the BEX wallet cannot be withdrawn until 7 payout cycles i.e. 7 days, except for the initial BEX which is transferred from BINEX.TRADE exchange.

  • Users will be receiving a daily payout for these 7 days too.

  • This deposit will be initially featured in the Blocked BEX balance and post that in the Available BEX balance. Only the available balance in BEX Staking Wallet can be withdrawn.

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