How to withdraw on BINEX.TRADE?

Steps to Withdraw on BINEX.TRADE

Go to “Wallet” section from the menu bar

The wallet page will display the list of coins below.
Select the desired coin from which you wish to withdraw

Before starting with the withdrawal process, kindly enable your 2FA from Security

After enabling 2FA, enter your wallet address in the “ADDRESS” field.

Select wallet type

Enter the withdrawal amount you wish to withdraw

If you want the withdrawal fee to be deducted from the amount then click on the “TAKE FEE FROM AMOUNT” or else the fee will be charged separately from the user's wallet.

Click on “I Agree” for accepting the T&C

Click on “Withdraw” to process

Once you click withdraw, you’ll again have to enter the Google 2FA code and Authenticate.

Now, enter the confirmation number displayed on your screen for proof verification.

An OTP will be sent to your registered email id. Enter the OTP in the text box above the approved button.

Click on approved, a notification will be sent to your email id confirming the details of the withdrawal request.


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