How do I deposit funds in BINEX.TRADE?


Steps - How do I Deposit in BINEX.TRADE

There is no Deposits Fee.

Log in to your account or in case if you don’t have any account created yet, then click on signup and fill up the form to proceed further.


Go to the Wallet section


Select the desired coin from the list

Click on “Deposit”

Send funds to the deposit address displayed below

Copy and paste the ‘exchange wallet address’ at the withdrawal page of any other exchange or wallet merchant site, from where you want to transfer the crypto-assets to your BINEX.TRADE wallet.

You can also click on scan code to deposit through scan code


You can also generate new deposit address by clicking on the “Refresh” button 

Once the transaction is confirmed by the respective blockchain (in this case it is BTC), the updated balance will reflect in your BINEX exchange wallet. The time taken to complete this process depends on the currency and the respective exchange/wallet guidelines and their readiness in the case of withdrawals.

You can cross-check the status of the transaction with the transaction ID provided by that exchange, however, if you’ve not received one, then please contact the customer support team.

In some very rare cases, the transaction may be confirmed by the blockchain and the updated balance won’t reflect in your BINEX account. In such cases, users need to raise a support ticket with complete details including screenshots, transaction ID, date and time, etc.

From here onwards, you will be able to deposit any of the below mentioned cryptocurrencies in your BINEX exchange wallet from any other exchange or wallet address at zero deposit fee.

To get you all saddled up and running, here’s a list of cryptocurrencies that we’ve incorporated in our exchange wallet platform, namely, TUSD, BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, ZEC, BTG (We intend to add several more in the nearest future)



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