How do I protect my account on BINEX.TRADE?

To protect your account on BINEX.TRADE, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Enable 2FA

First login to your account and go to the security section of our exchange platform.

Now, enable 2FA by following the instructions provided.

From here onwards, each login will be immediately followed by the Google 2FA code.

After you log in to the trading platform with your BINEX.TRADE ID, Password and Google 2FA, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard.

  • To avoid any imposters that usually carry out ‘Phishing attacks’ through email or calls in order to collect a user’s private info, always check that you are visiting BINEX.TRADE and your connection are secure.

  • It’s recommended to use strong passwords which might get a little bit complex.

  • Keep your cryptocurrency investments stored in a hard-drive or cold wallet of some sort.

  • As an add-on, BINEX also sends you a detailed notification on your registered email address for each login attempts made to access your account. If it’s not you, then it’s recommended you contact us through>raise a support ticket.

  • To ensure utmost security, BINEX has emphasized on keeping five layers of security during withdrawals, the breakdown for which is in the following order:

Secure Login with reCaptcha


Tamper-proof image confirmation

OTP to verified email

Summary page approval

  • Lastly, no-one from the BINEX.TRADE team will contact you beforehand through any channels whatsoever regarding your private information unless a query or support ticket has been raised for the same.

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