What is the “Portfolio” (Profit / Loss Statement?)

This is an exclusive feature that BINEX.TRADE is offering to its valued users. The profit and loss for each cryptocurrency in your portfolio are computed and displayed on the trading platform so as to make it easier for you to evaluate your lifetime history related to trading.
This section includes,

Total TUSD that you have earned till date.

Total investment that you’ve made so far in approximated TUSD.

The current value of your total investments in TUSD

The projected profit & loss (If the base currency is TUSD)

E.g. For instance, you have 5000 BEX, and you have paid an average of 2 TUSD per BEX for each order. Your total investment would be approximately 10000 TUSD.

Now, the price of 1 BEX has swelled to 5.1 TUSD, hence the current value of your assets would be 25,500 TUSD, which is 15,500 more than what you paid for i.e. You’ll likely make a profit of 15,500 TUSD if you trade all your BEX for TUSD, right away.

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