Beginner's Guide to BINEX.TRADE Exchange

Welcome to BINEX.TRADE - A revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange which shares 70% of its trade revenue with the BEX token holders.


Let’s start with what is BEX and why have we created it?

As put forth by the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the world of crypto is growing at an exponential rate and is very likely to hit a market cap of $2 Trillion in 2018.

The blockchain system is bridging boundaries posed by traditional banks and fiat currencies whose centralization makes them rich, and us poor by the time we even acknowledge the great danger that we are living in.

At BINEX.TRADE, we attempt to restore the trust and power amongst the people who have helped us come this far and will keep on doing so for the years to come.

Our deeply cherished bond with our stakeholders revolves around BEX, a utility token that incentivizes its holders on a daily basis.

With the aid of BEX, we are redistributing the wealth amongst our daily traders and not-so-daily traders all alike.

However, the utility tokens are not to be confused with cryptocurrencies as they are used to transact, exchange, and, access product or services, providing a utility of some sort.

They are also exempted from the regular scrutiny under the law as well and open a separate gateway to trade among cryptocurrencies and native BEX tokens.

BINEX.TRADE promises you to deliver your rightful 70% of the daily exchange revenue. This will not be changed with future developments and market volatility, thus making your income unusually stable and smile, clearly brightened.

To pin down the BEX bonanza as a whole, we can jot down the following pointers with its astonishing features and people friendly approach:

  • The system will take a snapshot of all account BEX balance every 24 hrs at 08:00 GMT.

  • The user will get the reward based on BEX multiplied by earnings per token, and the payout method will be TUSD. (For details, jump to the rewards section)

  • Value of BEX tends to rise with the trading volume, hence for the recurring income, it presents a promising eye into the future.

How can I Open a Trading Account?

You can open your trading account by visiting https://BINEX.TRADE/ and then click on Sign Up.

Kindly refer to the below link for step by step process to open a trading account on Binex.Trade.

Features of BINEX.TRADE

BINEX offers:

1. Spot trading: BINEX.TRADE offers spot trading for immediate buying and selling of cryptocurrency as soon as spotted favourable. You can place a trading order on the basis of immediacy and speculations.

2. Multiple currency pairs: Moving on to the second feature,

BINEX.TRADE offers unique pairing set for cryptocurrencies with the base currencies being BTC, BEX and TUSD.

E.g. the trading pair BTC/TUSD denotes you can trade BTC against TUSD.

3. Security: Next is the most important feature of every cryptocurrency exchange, i.e. its security. As you know, cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to hacks and data. BINEX.TRADE ensures that the kind of security it offers is avant-garde and unmatchable. Let’s quickly have a look at the security attributes of BINEX.TRADE.

  • Secure Login with reCaptcha
  • 2FA
  • Tamper-proof image confirmation
  • OTP to verified email
  • Summary page approval

Well, the security offered by BINEX.TRADE does not end here, there is more to it. BINEX.TRADE believes in keeping the crypto balance of the users in a highly secure cold wallet. Only 10 per cent of the crypto balance is kept in the hot wallet for trading purpose.

4. Customer Service: This is one aspect that stands upright as a pillar of success for a cryptocurrency exchange. BINEX.TRADE has a highly dedicated support team which is adept to render much-needed round the clock support to its users in all the popular languages.

Not only the website, BINEX.TRADE’s customer support team constantly monitors and resolves all the queries through Support Ticket, Email and Telegram as well.

5. User-friendly Interface: BINEX.TRADE believes in keeping things simple. Therefore, it provides an intuitive and easy to comprehend user interface so that you can seamlessly access the exchange platform. 

6. Reports: BINEX.TRADE understands the requirement of its traders and therefore, offers four different type of reports i.e. Trades, balance, rewards, and login history. So, you can stay informed about every happening at the trading platform including the actions undertaken by you.

Balance Report:

Login History :

Rewards History :

Trades History :

7. BEX Payouts: BINEX shares 70% of the trade revenue with its users in the form of TUSD. The same gets reflected in your daily report of BEX payouts, situated right at the top of the exchange navigation bar.

8. Profit & Loss Statement: This is an exclusive feature that BINEX.TRADE is offering to its valued users. The profit and loss for each cryptocurrency in your portfolio are computed and displayed on the trading platform so as to make it easier for you to evaluate your lifetime history related to trading.

9. Referral Earning: After the exchange launches, you’ll be liable to get 20% of the trade fee commission for each and every trade conducted by your referred user(s) on our platform. You can check out your earnings in the referral earning section, where you will be welcomed with a detailed analysis of no. of users referred, your referral link, and trading fees earned by the exchange on a particular trade, of which 20% is yours.

10. BINEX Income Statement: This section will give you a detailed report of how much volume we attracted on our platform, the trading fees levied, how much is the referral share, and the net income of BINEX.TRADE, of which 70% is to be distributed among the BEX token holders on a daily basis.

How to Trade on BINEX.TRADE?

Kindly refer to the below link for step by step process of How to trade on Binex.Trade.

How are BEX Payouts calculated and distributed?

Kindly refer to the below link for step by step process of How are BEX payouts calculated and distributed on Binex.Trade.

Referral Earnings:

Referral program allows users to refer other users and earn 20% of their referral trade commission in TUSD based on referral’s trading amount. Referral commission will be distributed among users on daily basis and Users can view their referral earnings in "Referral Earnings" Tab in the Menu Bar.

You can also find your referral link in the same.

Can I See My Lifetime Profit and Loss Statement?

BINEX platform has an entire section on the website dedicated to displaying the projected data related to profit & loss for one and every user.

This section will include,

  • Total TUSD that you have right now
  • Total investment that you’ve made so far in approximated USD.
  • The current value of your total investments in TUSD
  • The project profit & loss (If the base currency is TUSD )

E.g. Suppose you have 5000 BEX as of now, and you paid an average of 2 TUSD per BEX for each order, hence your total investment would be approximately 10000 TUSD.

Now, the price of 1 BEX has swelled to 5.1 TUSD, hence the current value of your assets would be 25,500 TUSD, which is 15,500 more than what you paid for i.e. You’ll be likely to make a profit of 15,500 TUSD if you trade all your BEX for TUSD, right away.

How can I Deposit on BINEX.TRADE?

Kindly refer below link for step by step deposit process.

How do I Withdraw on BINEX.TRADE?

Kindly refer below link for step by step withdrawal process.

How Secure is BINEX.TRADE?

Our primary objective is to keep the platform safeguarded from outside interference.

Hence, we have introduced, five layers of security paradigm in the case of withdrawal using Google 2FA. Also, every trade conducted on the platform will be necessarily accompanied by the Google 2FA code.

As an added security, BINEX stores 90% of exchange money into a cold wallet (Unless a very big order), and only 10% is available in the hot wallet for the trading activities.

Here’s how you can enable 2FA and perform withdrawals:

First login to your account and go to the security section of our exchange platform.

Now, enable 2FA by following the instructions provided.

That’s the end of the beginner’s guide to our exchange platform, however, if you have any problems or queries related to the trading activities, kindly visit BINEX.TRADE’s Help & Support Page and go through our FAQs and knowledge base as we will always be at the helm for you through the support ticket, Telegram group, email support and various other social media platforms.

Thank you for choosing BINEX.TRADE as your primary cryptocurrency exchange and trade partner.

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